Opera Web Browser review and official download link

Opera web browser has been around since 1994 however, it was officially launched as a web browser in 1995. It became freeware in 2005 and since then they have been one of the top dogs in the browser world.
Even though most people would argue whether Opera is at the same level with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, it is the only other cross-platform browser that gives them any real competition. We are going to take a descriptive benchmark and review the Opera Browser.
Opera is very popular for its unique features. It has a very attractive first page where you can access all your recent pages. It has a search bar which uses the google search engine so you can enjoy the powerful features of Google’s search engine within Opera. You can add quick click tabs of all your favorite websites to your homepage.

Personalization in Opera Browser
It has a bar at the top where you can switch between pages. They also allow you to drag and drop the tabs in order to arrange the pages. Their address bar doubles as a search bar so you don’t need to load up another page to search. You can also change the theme of your browser to suite your personality or interests.
The sidebar
Opera has a unique feature that is a side bar where you can pin links to certain pages and even desktop applications for faster access. As with any other browser, the layout is different so it will need some getting used to. However, you will notice that the interface is really user friendly: it has been rated at 85% user friendly so knowing your way around will not be hard.
It has fast start up and load speeds. Falling behind the fastest by a meager 0.65 seconds. It retains all your pages when you abruptly shut down so you can resume from where you were. This can however be changed in the settings if you don’t want people snooping around your history.
Security measures
Another unique feature is that it does not have any parental controls. However, this does not limit its security features which include anti-phishing, anti-spyware, pop-up blocker, private mode browsing and many more. You can browse the internet knowing that your information is private and protected from online attackers.
It is compatible across all platforms, be it Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. It also allows linking of devices. You can access the same history across all your devices if you want to. The Opera browser source code is open source so if you are a programmer and would like to play around with the features, you are more than welcome to modify it.
Opera is widely known to be lightweight. It takes up less RAM, less hard disk space, less CPU time and consumes less battery power. It is therefore obvious that it works perfectly even in less powerful devices. Due to this reason, people have been saying that Opera browser is actually faster than Chrome. I personally find Opera more responsive.
Supports Chrome extensions
Another benefit is that it supports chrome extensions. There are many useful extensions out there and Opera has made it possible to use them in their browser.
After reading our Opera browser review it is pretty clear which browser you should be using. There is very little to compare in the performance of modern browsers so we turn to user experience to determine the best.
As you have seen, Opera has all its users in mind when it creates its browser features. To download Opera browser visit https://www.opera.com/download. Make the move today and you won’t regret it.

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